SL-5 Series

SL-5 Series Obsolete Product

Conical Strobe

The SL-5 series strobes are a high performance, high intensity, solid state strobe, designed for applications where 360° visual annunciation is required. The strobe light is UL 1638 approved and is listed for general utility signaling. The strobe is polarized for connecting to supervised circuits and is designed with a xenon fl ash tube. The SL-5 is a high profi le strobe with a low current draw of 250mA at 24V DC. The strobe can be used as a stand alone or in combination with other signaling devices to provide a visual verifi cation signal. The SL-5 series strobes are recommended for use in areas such as: parking facilities, schools, corridors, apartments, offi ce buildings, restaurants, hotels, and any other application where effective visual warning is required. Installation must comply in accordance with applicable standards and/or all state and local electrical codes and authority having jurisdiction.