NGP-SPV AUTO Obsolete Product

Self Purging Valve Kit with Automatic Valve

The Automatic Self Purge Valve (NGP-SPV AUTO) is designed to work with Potter Nitrogen Generator Systems to effectively purge corrosive oxygen from a fire sprinkler system while maintaining adequate system pressure. Potter's NGP-SPV AUTO ensures high purity nitrogen is equally distributed throughout the fire sprinkler system. The automatic valve and control provide the ability to automatically close when the purging process is completed. Closing the system helps extend the life of the nitrogen generator by limiting run time, while still providing corrosion protection.

Simply install the NGP-SPV AUTO off a tee connection at the end of the sprinkler system and plug in the 6' grounded power cord (120V). When the nitrogen generator is in operation, the purge orifice automatically bleeds out the oxygen as well as residual moisture in the system. When the purging cycle ends (Factory set at 14 days), the solenoid valve automatically closes, leaving the system full of high purity nitrogen.

The automatic valve and control offers the ability to program different purging time lengths for any nitrogen application requirement. The control can also do cyclic purging (rotating between open and close).

In the event of an alarm condition, the NGP-SPV AUTO has a built in high pressure shut-off valve that automatically closes when the water reaches the vent. A ball valve allows isolation of assembly when not purging. This allows maintenance of the strainer screen or maintenance of the purge orifice.

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