DPCMS-RM Obsolete Product

Riser Mount Corrosion Monitoring Station for Dry Systems

The Model DPCMS-RM is a Corrosion Monitoring Station-Riser Mount consisting of a coupon rack that is installed on a dry pipe fire sprinkler riser to monitor corrosion in a dry fire sprinkler system. The DPCMS-RM is designed to simulate conditions within the fire sprinkler system. The coupon rack can be isolated from the fire sprinkler riser and easily accessed for servicing and monitoring of test specimens (corrosion coupons) without interruption to fire protection. Test material strip specimens (corrosion coupons) are installed into the coupon rack by the use of coupon holders.

The optional PCMPK contains a corrosion monitoring probe and pressure switch that provides notification to the fire/sprinkler administrator when there may be an excessive amount of corrosion taking place in the sprinkler piping. The corrosion monitoring probe has a precision thin wall thickness which will eventually corrode through allowing the system air pressure to enter into the probe and actuate the pressure switch. When the pressure switch is wired to the building fire alarm panel, a trouble or supervisory signal is generated notifying the fire/sprinkler administrator. This is the notification to remove the test coupons that were installed at the same time as the probe, for analysis on the condition of the sprinkler piping. The corrosion monitoring probe is a single use device and must be replaced upon the installation of new test coupons.

The CPRTK2-Coupon/Probe Replacement Test Kit contains the necessary components to remove, replace, and forward for analysis, the corrosion monitoring probe and test coupons from a DP CMS -RM .