NGP-1000D-M1 Obsolete Product

Nitrogen Generator with 1,000 Gallon Largest Riser Fill and 1,200 gallons of Total Sprinkler System Capacity

The Potter Nitrogen Generator, NGP-1000D-M1, is specifically designed to provide on-site, high purity nitrogen for use in fire protection sprinkler systems. When used as a supervisory gas in fire sprinkler systems, nitrogen slows corrosion, improves the life of your system, and lowers maintenance costs. Potter Nitrogen Generators are fully assembled packages ready to be connected to a new or existing fire sprinkler system. These turn-key systems include all air filtration equipment, an air compressor, nitrogen membrane, as well as tanks required to keep the generator operating at peak efficiency. Potter Nitrogen Generator Systems provide a low cost, reliable, and efficient method of producing a minimum of 98% nitrogen at the point of usage.

The NGP-1000D-M1 utilizes nitrogen membrane technology for gas separation. Nitrogen membranes are highly effective and a cost conscious way of producing on-site nitrogen. Acting as a filter, the smaller oxygen and water vapor molecules can pass through the membrane quickly. The larger nitrogen molecules are less likely to diffuse through the separator tubes; therefore, they continue downstream to the separator outlet, through the air maintenance device and into the fire protection system. As the system fills with nitrogen, the remaining oxygen molecules in the fire protection system are exhausted by using the Potter IntelliPurge® Nitrogen Purge Valve. The Potter IntelliPurge® Nitrogen Purge Valve will periodically monitor the fire protection system to ensure high purity nitrogen is consistent throughout the sprinkler system.


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