The importanceof monitoring

Prevention is the least expensive form of maintenance for protecting your fire sprinkler system. At Potter, we understand this fact and offer a wide array of cost-effective, proven solutions to monitor your investment. From monitoring the fire sprinkler riser with the Potter Corrosion Monitoring Station (PCMS-RM) to the Potter Corrosion Monitoring Probe (PCMPK) tied directly to the building fire alarm panel alerting you of corrosion with a supervisory or trouble signal, Potter

Potter Nitrogen Generator


NFPA 13 2016 7.1.5

Water supplies and environmental conditions shall be evaluated for conditions that contribute to unusual corrosive properties. Where conditions are found that contribute to unusual corrosive properties, the owner(s) shall notify the sprinkler system installer and a plan shall be developed to treat the system using one of the following methods:

  • (4) Install corrosion monitoring station and monitor at established intervals

Corrosion MonitoringSolutions

Riser Mount Corrosion Monitoring Station

Corrosion Monitoring Probe Kit