CSS Series Obsolete Product

Colored Low Profile Ceiling Mount Speaker Strobe

Potter's low profile ceiling mount Colored Light Select-A-Strobe/Speaker CSS25C and CSS70C Series are designed to operate with distribution amplifiers having an output either 25V RMS aor 70V RMS for emergency evacuation system and fire protection signaling systems. The speaker series is listed under UL1480, Speaker for Fire Alarm, Emergency, and Commercial and Professional Use, and the colored light lens strobe series is listed in compliance with UL1638, Visual Signaling. Both meet or exceed NFPA/ANSI standards.

CSS25C speaker series provide a 25V RMS input and CSS70C provide 70V RMS with a colored light strobe. The speakers incorporate a high effiiciency speaker to reproduce a clear audible sound for maximum output at minimum power across a frequency range of 400 Hz to 4000 Hz with a capacitive input to allow for DC supervision. The series provides a multiple field selectable four wattage taps of ¼, ½, 1, and 2 Watts. The IN/OUT screw terminals accept #12 to #18 AWG wires.

The colored light strobe can be selected either low, medium, or high, by a selectable slide switch located on the housing. The colored light is available in amber, blue, green, or red. The light output candela ratings vary depending on the lens color. The series can be mounted on standard 4 inch electrical boxes and is available in red or white housing color. In those instances where two or more Amseco horns and/or strobes are connected and require a synchronized code 3 temporal pattern and/or a synchronized strobe flash, all models can be synchronized when used in conjuction with Amseco UL listed Sync Module SMD10-3A to meet the latest code.

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