PFC-100RC Obsolete Product

Releasing Control Panel

The PFC-100RC is a full featured single hazard releasing control panel for use on pre-action and deluge type sprinkler systems. The model PFC-100RC is Underwriters Laboratories Listed and complies with UL Standard 864 for Local Control Units for Releasing Service. It is designed to be compatible with the requirements of NFPA-72, NFPA-12, NFPA-12A, NFPA-12B, NFPA-13 and NFPA-17. The PFC-100RC is FM, NYMEA and CSFM Approved.

The PFC-100RC features LED indicators for AC, ALARM, TROUBLE, SILENCE, and SUPERVISORY conditions that are visible with the door closed. Operator controls are provided for RESET, SILENCE, and RELEASE CIRCUIT DISABLE. Thirteen on board LED indicators provide extensive diagnostic ability to ease troubleshooting. Alarm and trouble relays are provided to interface with auxiliary equipment.

The PFC-100RC is housed in a steel cabinet with removable door and key lock. Standard fi nish is off-white with grey and red trim. Red cabinets with black and white trim are also available. A matching bezel is available as an option for semi-fl ush mounting in a wall. The cabinet will house up to a 12AH standby battery which is capable of powering the unit in excess of 90 hours.

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