PFC-5002 Obsolete Product

Fire Alarm Control Panel

Potter's PFC-5002 Fire Alarm Control Panel is a microprocessor based unit designed for small commercial, residential, multi-family, institutional and industrial occupancies. Fully configurable using DIP switches, it enables the user to configure the system to meet their specific requirements.

The PFC-5002 comes standard with 2 Class B (Style B) Initiating Circuits which may be configured as 1 Class A (Style D) circuit. In addition it comes equipped with 2 Class A/B (Style Z/Y) Indicating circuits which are each rated at 1.7 Amps. The panel also includes a 2.75 Amp Power Supply which powers the system and supplies a 4-wire resettable regulated smoke power supply of 24 VDC 100mA maximum.

The PFC-5002 utilizes a simple DIP switch configuration which allows for the programming of the initiating and indicating circuits as well as the enabling and disabling of system functions such as Signal Silence, Fire Drill and Auxiliary Disconnect. In addition the PFC-5002 allows for Alarm Verification on the Initiating circuits. The Indicating circuits may be configured as Silenceable or Non-Silenceable with the audibles configured for Steady, March-Time, Temporal Code, or California Code.

The cabinet is available in a red exterior only. A Fire Retardant Lexan Window in the door allows for viewing of the status LEDs.

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