PFC-7500 Series Obsolete Product

Fire Alarm Communicators

The PFC-7500 series fire alarm communicators provide reliable and efficient monitoring of sprinkler systems where fire alarm panels are not required. The PFC-7500 series has five input circuits, four Class B circuits and one Class A (Style D) circuit (waterflow zone). The PFC-7500 is a slave communicator that can be either connected for sprinkler system monitoring or as a slave communicator to an existing fire alarm panel. The panel comes standard with a Trouble Annunciator that mounts directly in the door of the panel. The panel must be powered with either a WLT transformer and back-up battery a 12VDC or 24VDC from a fire alarm panel with battery backup.

The PFC-7501 is a complete fire alarm control panel with five input circuits and a 1.5 amp notification circuit. In addition, a total of 500-mA auxiliary power is provided. The panel provides a non supervised 12 VDC notification circuit. An optional module is available for a supervised notification circuit Class A/B (Style Z/Y). The PFC-7501 comes standard with the WLT wire in 16.5 VAC transformer. Either of the PFC-7500 series panels can be connected to a LCD or LED annunciator. The panels can be programmed using either a LCD annunciator or a computer and programming cable. In addition, the panels are remote programmable through Potter Link software.

The PFC-7501 Alarm Communicator Kit is a PFC-7501 panel, a WLT 16.5 VAC transformer and a RA-7690 annunciator. The RA-7690 LCD annunciator is both a programmer and annunciator.